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Elly's eyes glittered in delight. "Then you'll help me capture and brainwash your friends?"Her lips no longer wandered over my breasts, but seemed to chase something invisible back and forth as she stopped only for small bites of the flesh and hard sucking of my nipples. Then they came back to my neck, squeezing it hard, and I felt faint.Jenna began to yelp repeatedly as Doug relentlessly slammed his prick into her. There was some discomfort in those yelps, but much more pleasure and the sight of her blue eyes bulging from her face, sent my recently relieved pussy back into gear."Well, don't strike out." For the first time, he looked serious. "Okay, well keep looking and see if either one's alone or maybe just with a friend.""But not just any porn," she continued in a soft purr. "A site called Couples Seeking Teens. It's all videos about people your age playing with girls like me. I get off to them and think of you guys. I want to play!" She pushed her lips out in a precious pout, her lower lip trembling. "Please, I'll do anything you want!""I want you to cum in my mouth," she gasped, fucking up at him. "I always want you to cum in my mouth."
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   "Oh, yeah, I like it just fine," John said, smiling down at her. "I like it more and more each time."The note was signed "Kurt & Anja". There was a second page, a picture, actually. It was of a very attractive, very blonde couple. They were well dressed and smiling pleasantly at the camera. Handwritten at the bottom was a phone number, and the message "If you like what you see, and would like more company, please call.""Oh, I don't think we have anything to worry about," Doug said softly. "Look at that.""Oh...oh!" Jenna kept moaning as her hips moved up and down into my busy fingers.And the runerod pushed in completely.“Right?” Mistress Elly repeated, her voice a sultry whisper. “You don't wanna be my good girl. You wanna be free. You want me to let you go. Isn't that true?” And to Ia's horror, the paintbrush reversed its journey, returning to her clit. Ia started to moan, not just in pleasure, but in plain despair. She felt Elly purring as the catgirl took her in a brief, hungry kiss—and 'took her' was the right phrase, because Ia was powerless to return it, to struggle, to do anything but moan and giggle and accept the sensuous touches. Elly pulled back and smiled. “You want me to free you? 'Cause I might do it, if you ask nicely.”Anne disentangled from Anja, and sprawled on the fur near Kent. I was still lying between Anja's spread thighs, hiding my waiting erection beneath me."I'll tell him," John said. "I just hope it's not a deal breaker."

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"You like my breasts?" Cassidy asked as my fingers slipped over the tip of one of her big, firm mounds. I was drinking in the sight of her pale, smooth tit flesh being washed by the water."Yes, oh, yes!" Jenna moaned."Are you talking about....??If I had any doubt, his remark of "Damn, she's tight" cleared that up.No one cared enough to save her.My beautiful wife led him
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   "I would really like to fuck you, now." I said to her.Whether you’re just a beginner when it comes to having anal sex (and making sure its enjoyed by both partners!) or you’re well-versed in using anal toys and the ...*****I helped her to her feet. Janet was moaning loudly. Kent still pumping between Anja's lips."Your sister," he hissed. "Is it true?"They finished dinner and cleaned up, Jason bragging once more about how he had beat Tom at golf and at how well John had done too.She gave me another sly smile. "I figured you were or you would be dancing with him, not that pretty girl."Thoughts spun into his head unbidden. He desperately tried to shut them down, but the gooeyness was just seeping into him,pervading his heart with lusty daydreams.

Zahtev za unban / Nice latinas pussy ???
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Anja looked up and smiled, then at my cock waving in front of her face. Without a word, she leaned forward and swallowed me to the balls. Her arm swept around my buttocks as she noisily sucked on my cock. Anne led Kent over by the arm. As soon as he was within reach, Anja's other arm went about his waist, roughly jerking him next to me. Anja alternated between our two cocks like a hungry animal. She was rougher than either Anne or Janet, but still it felt terrific. Guessing she was turned on by a little forcefulness, I grabbed a handful of her hair in my fist, pulling slightly. This triggered the most frenzied fellatio I've ever experienced. It startled me greatly, but I came in her mouth almost immediately. Anja slowed, then stopped, and serenely drank my come. The flow down her throat seemed to have a calming effect. She looked up at me, milking one last drop onto her distended tongue. The whole time she never released her grip on Kent. Obviously he was to be devoured next."God, yes," Tom Henderson gasped, not believing how hot this little high school girl was. "How about next week at the same time?" he asked.I looked over at Doug and saw his eyes locked onto her legs. I had to clear my throat to get him to look up. "Jenna wants to dance, Doug, but can you please tell her we have to leave?"Doug got the door open. Stepping to the side, he made a show of waving us in. Jenna walked past me and Doug reached out and took her hand, running ran her long nails lightly across his cheek. As I walked by him, he looked at me and whispered, "Kim, we're not going to regret this."She took in a deep breath and then retrieved her discarded jeans and panties from the floor. "Now we just keep doing what we normally do until one of us needs a little helping hand again.""You want to play?" Jason asked with some surprise. "I thought you had decided that golf wasn't for you."
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   "Well, I'm off to play golf," Jason said, getting to his feet. "I'll see all of you later," then he left for the garage and the golf course."It's one of the reasons," he admitted. "But I also wanted you because I think you're a very beautiful young girl and you go to school with my daughter."Then I...well I played around with a couple of girls and now I think about you too, Kim. The two of you are just..." She sighed. "I think about it all the time! And when I saw you guys tonight I couldn't help trying!""Look Becca," I said, stepping closer to her, "You were really into me and we can have a good time and you like guys, so, I mean..." I smiled and took her hand. "Think of how much fun it could be. We'll go nice and slow and we can start and—""Is that what you'd like, Kelly?" he asked, again shocked by the way she talked.I couldn’t hear if the moans that flooded the room were, again, hers or mine, but I nevertheless knew it to be true. Her hips joined in the game, and when I felt she was ready, I searched her lips in a desperate attempt to hide my gasps. We kissed with eagerness and vehemence, and as soon as her body began to tremble over mine, I felt that every muscle in my body clenched and fighting against itself, waiting… to explode together in a burst.I glanced down at my recently ravaged penis. "I think it will be a few.""And tonight? You were really hung up on that redhead, Kim, because you didn't even recognize me in the bathroom."

Zahtev za unban / Wet ebony BBW ?
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"Honey, would you get that, please?" He said to Jan."How many?""I gotta see if we still fit." I told her. Anne pondered this a moment, then with a slightly panicked look, fell to the rug, pulling me with her. She lay on her back and clutched her knees to her chest. I pushed my cock into her missionary style. She was very wet, very receptive, but not any less tight than I had felt after a busy night of sex. I withdrew and twirled my finger, motioning her to get on her hands and knees. Again, my cock slid into her familiar embrace. I pulled my cock out of her again as she rolled to her side. She raised her top leg for me, and I straddled her lower one and slipped into her tightness. She squeezed her vaginal muscles as a final reassurance, and we both relaxed."Mead addicts' hair turns red, silly. Like burnt honey." Mistress Elly's voice sounded so reasonable. It made sense, didn't it? And her voice was so reasonable. So reasonable and sweet and pretty and soft. The paintbrush flicked against Ia's clit a bit faster, making Ia giggle. She felt the fact sinking into her head, like a stone sinking through molasses. How could she refuse Mistress Elly?Read More »"Ohh," she cooed, the sound causing a flutter between my legs. "That's a hot thought, because if you don't mind me saying, Doug is fine!"
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   "Well, I want to fuck her in the ass and pretend that it's your father," he said. "You have any problem with that?"The twist in my stomach turned into a sharp stab. I didn't even try to speak as Jenna continued speaking softly. "You were all over her. I saw you kiss her neck and she was into it!" Jenna laughed. "Looked like you were, too. When I first saw you, I thought you were alone and trying to pick her up!"Wait?An Erotic Story of Desire & AnticipationWait?An Erotic Story of Desire & AnticipationI shook my head, mouthing back, "Don't even think about it!"It was about five in the morning when I woke to see that somewhere between three and five in the morning, Melissa had left our bed and now my wife was lying next to me. I opened my eyes and saw my spent wife lying next to me. Her legs were opened slightly enough that I could see that apparently she and Chris didn’t use condoms either…. there was cum oozing out of my wife’s love hole and I actually found it sexually liberating and my cock sprang to attention. I eased my wife on to her back and gently opened her legs giving me full access to her. With my cock ready for another go round I eased my cock into my wife using Chris’ cum as lube to help it ease its way in. My wife still had her eyes closed as I eased into her, then with about half of my cock in her I heard her moan, “Oh Bret! (that’s me)… cum in me!” she recognized that it was my cock in her and I took full advantage of having my way with my wife’s freshly fucked pussy. The feel of my cock sliding I and out of my wife’s pussy knowing she was filled to the max with Chris’ cum had me ready to explode in no time flat. I reared back and let what cum I had left explode into my wife. As my waves of my orgasm subsided, Lynn opened her eyes and gave me a huge smile. I leaned in on her to embrace in a tender hug. I kissed her and as I neared her mouth, I could smell a smell that somewhat resembled my own cum… she took Chris in her mouth! Instead of being upset, turned me on that my wife had enjoyed her time with Chris as much (or more) than I did with Melissa. We kissed and held each other tight and thanked each other for allowing each to experience what we did the two previous nights.---------She began to plunge her finger in and out of her pussy rapidly now, hearing it slosh around in the juices that were filling her and running down the inside of her thighs.Elly smirked. “And do you get to come?”

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"Anytime," she said with a smile, as she walked out of my room. Anytime?Grabbing the back of Jenna's head, I gently pushed it down on my husband's cock. Our neighbor's nasty little daughter proved to be a good girl and despite the fact she was still squealing as she came hard into my hand, began bobbing her head. As Doug began to moan continuously, Jenna squirmed against my hand, whimpering as she sucked. My nipples were aching and my pussy was begging for its own release, but right now all that mattered was hearing Jenna squeal in delight and watching Doug move his hips, fucking her willing mouth with his thick cock."It might," I said, "It just... I don't know."Anja came, her pussy squeezing on my cock. Then she came again."I'll come in," he said. "You go first.""No," I said, with a smile. "You also owe me a blowjob."
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   "Why, that's absolutely right," Jason said, proud that John had remembered what he had told him.He watched for a second as she would dip a finger into her herself, then rub it around on her clit. He could clearly see her big puffy outer lips with her inner lips protruding and flowering open, revealing her clit standing out almost a half an inch."Kim, my bedroom faces your house. You think I haven't seen those girls come and go?"Jenna looked at the bed and with another of those perfect giggles threw herself onto the bed on her back. She bounced and laughed as she pushed with her legs, scooting herself further up the bed. I leaned over, and after giving Doug a long kiss, whispered, "Let's enjoy our little friend."But Mistress got to come all the time. How could she be wrong when she was so smart? How could Ia be right when she was just a stupid, horny bimbo?She forced herself to stop, knowing that if she didn't she'd lay there the whole day and play with herself. It was Saturday and she had the whole weekend to look forward to.She squealed as using both hands and gave her tiny pink nipples a pinch. I felt her back lifting off the bed and sucking her clit hard into my mouth started running my tongue across it while my fingers drove into her even harder. Jenna's thighs were trembling violently and she started thrusting her pussy into my tongue and hand as I coaxed her to cum for me again. It wasn't easy concentrating on what I was doing with Doug's big dick plunging into me, but I so wanted her to cum in my face."Aww...thank you. We will do that again. You can fuck me anytime."

Zahtev za unban / Wet latinas fat ?
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"I don't know, I'm not an expert!" Anne told her, slightly exasperated. Jan seemed a bit taken aback by this, but then Anne offered, "I don't really look at them; I just put them in me, or in my mouth." She giggled. They both laughed."Why?" John asked, puzzled."Recover? How many times do you have sex?"I looked into the side mirror but didn't see Jenna's red Toyota.By the time John followed her into the garage Kelly had dismounted her bicycle and was stretched out over it from behind, her legs spread and her skirt flipped up onto her back, her ass and pussy clearly visible to John. Nervously glancing around, including back out the open garage door, John pulled his hard dick from his pants and moved up behind his sister's exposed pussy. She was so wet that John was able to slide into her with a single thrust, burying himself inside of her hot vagina. Kelly was so wet that John could hear himself squishing inside of her pussy with each thrust and he pumped and pumped, trying to finish as quickly as possible, very conscious of the open garage door behind him and the door to the kitchen in front of him."Oh, I think I'll manage," John said with a grin. "But that's not important now. Would you really like to get back at him somehow?"
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   Jenna whimpered then gasped when I slipped two fingers inside her hot little box. Doug had removed his tongue from inside me and started licking slowly up and down the length of my pussy, stopping just below my clit.His cock throbbed at the praise. "I..." Okino tried to swallow, but his throat had gone dry. "I," he croaked."I didn't know what to think at the time," she went on, "but after I got home the ideas just started coming to me. I knew you took good care of your boots, and had seen you clean them with a soft brush and cloth and saddle soap, but I don't think I had ever seen you clean the soles or the bottom of the heels."Quiet, tickleslut," the brunette said, grabbing the redhead by the shoulders and pushing her away from his leg. "Sis, you know this. It's no fun when they get to come. I bet we can keep this guy for months!""Everyone asks me if I'm Swedish, and I tell them 'No, I am Swiss'. So they call me 'Swiss Miss'." She laughed merrily."We sure are," John agreed with a big grin on his face. "I'll talk to you later today probably."----------Kent said, "You sound like Ah-nold."

Zahtev za unban / Crazy negro fat !
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The last syllable of her encouragement was cut off with a muffling sound. If I had to bet on the cause, I'd have wagered that one of the two guys in there had shoved his dick in her mouth. Both seemed amused, their laughter ringing loudly through the doorway."Yes!" she shouted triumphantly, a bright smile immediately lighting up her pretty face. She actually began bouncing on her toes in excitement. "I mean, I knew you would do it, and this is a lot of points... we can do this however you want, I just need you to make sure to cum in my hair. We talked about it before I left the bar, my team, and you could cum in a condom and just put it in my hair. But the scavenger hunt list says the guy has to cum IN your hair, so just to be safe it would be better if you could actually, you know, do it in my hair""They made excellent targets, splayed out like that, and let me pummel them, first with one boot heel, then the other, making good contact; but they were obviously just getting their kicks from getting kicked, since they just kept on playfully taunting me, inviting further abuse, by putting themselves on display like that. They did look a bit sore after I put them through the wringer a few times though." Buford laughed in appreciation of the pleasant memory."She was up there with a girl, so follow her to the bathroom. On the way out, see if she'll dance with you. I think you can handle it from there. Now go work it, baby!""Do you think they're looking at us now?" Asked Jan.Jenna whimpered then gasped when I slipped two fingers inside her hot little box. Doug had removed his tongue from inside me and started licking slowly up and down the length of my pussy, stopping just below my clit.
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   "Is something wrong?" Kurt asked with concern.Two of the fairies had latched onto her breasts with their arms and legs and actually straddled her nipples, using them as bizarre sex toys. Their pussies sucked her nipples in hungrily, and she gasped, staring into their wide, lusty eyes as they attained orgasm after orgasm. The sensation was slick, unbearable, and heavenly. Ia had never thought of her nipples as sex organs before, but Elly's magic made them feel like they were."But why?" John asked, his eyes searching her face."Nuh-uh!" Elly shoved the runerod into herself, gasping faintly as it visibly vibrated inside her. "You wanna feel this way forever, I bet, 'cause you're so smart!"She came to stand in front of him, biting one lip, and reached down to touch his cock. He couldn't move. Her fingers stroked gently over his member, making his very soul quiver. "It's all out for me an' everything," she whispered in wonder. "Oh, good boy.""Oh, Jenna," I whispered as my fingers pushed deep inside of her hot and incredibly tight young slit."You have such a beautiful cock, John," Kelly said, staring at his cock lying up on his stomach."Cassidy," I responded, my confidence growing. My hands reached up and grabbed her soft shoulders. "Use your hands to get me off. Play with my cock until I cum."

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"Are you ready to fuck me, now?" Anja was speaking to Kent.Jenna's face lit up. Turning to face him, she exclaimed, "Hi, Mr. Wilson!""Good." She buried her face in Anja's pussy again."Oh, you know," Kelly said, laying back down, her hands behind her head."Shit, I didn't think of that." I shook my head. "I guess we better get going."Anne took another swallow, finishing off her first glass.
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   "I thought you didn't mind if anybody caught you naked," John said.No. She was poisoning him! He tried to lean away, but she just leaned further in, breasts jiggling again. It was so hot. So heady.Anne turned and looked out the window towards Kurt and Anja's place. It was dark outside now. Their lights were on.Her blue eyes studied mine, uncertainty flashing across her pretty face. "Like I said, I trust you. And of course if we really wanted it, I'm sure some stranger in the bar would agree to do it, but I don't want to have to do that. That would probably be gross.""You keep forgetting that Audrey brings her husband and her boyfriend to New Horizons." I reminded her. "Dave and Jen were three, and I was the fourth. But you actually have been fucked more than four times in one night. Mitch and Steve both fucked you a couple of times, Dave at least twice, and I fucked..."Katy Thorn  EROTIC STORIES, Lesbian Erotic Fictions 41,223 ViewsI had never thought that two people could synchronize to reach orgasm at the same time, but just then, as I reeled from the intensity of her mouth on against my neck, everything I thought I knew disappeared in a drunken fog. Her moans in my ear felt like a roar; her teeth caught my skin and her fingers came in and out without a second. It was then that I heard her hoarse cry and increased the pace of my movements, causing her to do so too.As I kissed her deeply, I carefully unbuckled her bra allowing her restraints to fall to the floor. I reached up and began to caress her tits as we maintained our passionate lip-lock. We fell to the bed still in our embrace and she pulled my shirt off of me and began to kiss my nipples. As she alternated between my nipples, she reached between my legs and grabbed my swollen cock. She was surely skilled at working my nipples and stroking me at the same time. She built me towards an orgasm and I let these amazing feelings take over my body. Wanting to reciprocate the pleasure, I broke our embrace and put her in the center of the bed. I secured the sides of her thong and carefully pulled it off of her. As her thong peeled off her pussy, I could see her wetness in her panties. Melissa changed her pussy jewelry back to the barbell over her clit and I couldn’t wait to taste her again. I managed to overcome my desire to eat Melissa right then and instead opted to kiss her on her mouth again. I alternated fondling her breasts with one had while the other hand played with her very wet pussy. I stroked her lips till my fingers were good and wet then inserted one, then two fingers into my lover’s love hole. Melissa began to tremble as the sexual pleasure took over her body. As I rubbed and fingered her, I could feel her clit harden letting me know she was on the verge of having an orgasm. I asked her how she wanted to cum and she told me she wanted me inside her when she came. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to lick her pussy as wet as it was, so as I lifted myself off of her I dove my face into her swollen and wet pussy and took a quick lick and taste of her love box. Getting a mouth full of her juices, I readied myself to enter her. Knowing I was ready to cum myself, I reached over to the nightstand to grab a condom and as I readied to open it, Melissa took it from me and said that we would not be using condoms that night… she wanted to feel me shoot my load in her. That thought alone almost made me cum. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her love hole and Melissa looked at me and lovingly said, “Make love to me! Let me feel your cock in me and fill me up with your cum!” Wanting to be a good lover, I did as I was asked. I slid my cock into her and instantly I realized how much better her pussy felt skin-to-skin. I began to ease my cock in and out of her feeling the incredibly tight walls of her love canal. We stayed in missionary position as I steadily increased my pace. Melissa’s moans of pleasure were unlike the night before, that night they were far more passionate and loving. I could feel my orgasm nearing and I told Melissa I was about to cum. She reached between her legs and began to rub herself in time with my thrusts. As her self-pleasuring pace increased, I knew she was ready to explode. I tried my best to postpone my impeding explosion and as I felt Melissa explode I couldn’t hold myself off and I released my own orgasm while she came too. The two of us came together as we bucked through our orgasms. As the waves of sexual ecstasy took over our bodies, we both tried to hold each other to share the feeling with our lover. My orgasm finished first, but my cock was still somehow semi-hard and still remained in Melissa’s pussy. I fell on to her to hold her and caress her through her final moments of her orgasm. I heard her whimper and nearly cry with thankfulness and gratitude for the love making we just shared. My limping cock began to slip out of Melissa and when it finally popped out from her I felt how wet it was as it fell against my leg. Melissa reached down to her crotch and pulled two fingers of the love cocktail we had made and she took it in her mouth. She reached in for a second serving this time offering it to me. I joyfully cleaned my lover’s fingers enjoying the taste of what we made together. We laid side-by-side for a while before we made love a second time and then a third. By the third time we had made love, I had the pleasure of cumming in Melissa’s pussy and mouth too. I even had the thrill of watching her suck my cock dry and swallow every drop of my sperm. What we shared that night was something incredible.

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"It feels nice and hard." Anne smiled over her shoulder at him, and kissed his cheek. "I think he might be a bit longer, though." Kent smiled triumphantly at me."You sure you want me to do this?" John asked, watching his cock rub all over her face."Sorry, I need you to stop talking now, and fuck me." She demanded.Kent and Janet chuckled as they snuggled together.A Night at the Burlesque: An Erotic Story of Coworkers with a CravingAnne rose from my lap.
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   Janet scrambled off of me, much to my disappointment.We left the dance floor and headed to our room. Chris had reserved the room for Friday and Saturday night. My mind raced a million miles an hour with anticipation of what would happen later that night. Both couples made-out like teenagers in the elevator and neither of us could keep our hands off the other the entire trip to the room. Chris opened to door to our suite and he booked a deluxe suite with one very large bedroom with a large king-sized bed in the middle and there were two smaller rooms each having queen-sized beds. Melissa and Lynn said they decided to get this room because they figured at first we would want to all be in the same room and the other smaller rooms were there in case we decided to be alone as either husband and wife or a swap couple. That was the initial agreement between the four of us, we agreed that the initial swap would be a same room swap and the smaller rooms were afforded if a couple wanted privacy. In the living room area, which connected to the main bedroom there was a couch and a love seat as well as a coffee table. The ladies directed us guys to get comfortable on the couch or love seat while they went off to get dressed for the night.The feather was moving closer and closer to its target. Brist's eyes widened. "Mmmf!""You're incredible, Kelly," John laughed as he pedaled behind her, watching the action of her ass as she continued to stimulate herself on the bicycle seat.It took a few moments for Lynn to finally come down off of her sexual high and Chris embraced her and held her tightly like they were long time lovers and Lynn reciprocated with her own embrace with Chris. So the four of us were laying there spent from fantastic orgasms. Melissa suggested that we cool off and jump in the water to rinse off the effects of the soft swap that we had just experienced. Melissa agreed and the two ladies neared the edge of the boat. Melissa told my wife to remove the bikini bottom she had on so that she could keep the scent of the day for future teasing of Chris. So the two ladies took off what little clothing they had and jumped into the water. Chris and I were still nude from our blowjobs and jumped in and joined our wives. For the next twenty minutes or so, we swam around playfully with each other. I playfully would touch Lynn and Melissa’s tits, ass and pussy as we all swam around. Apparently, Chris was doing the same thing too. And neither of the ladies seemed to mind. After a little while, we got back on the boat, Chris and I put back on our shorts and the girls put on their shorts and tank-tops. The bikinis that were a large part of afternoon’s play were exchanged and Lynn had Melissa’s bottom and Melissa had Lynn’s."Well, I do," Kelly said, smiling at him. "And I'd know.""Of course, I have that affect on all women." He observed, dryly."Of course." He said charmingly.

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I made it to the men's room and was relieved to find the small space empty. Then I waited nervously in front of the sink for what felt like 20 minutes. I paced a little. Then I looked down at my watch. Only 45 seconds had gone by since I entered the stairwell. I paced a little more, for what felt like five minutes. I looked back at my watch. 65 seconds had passed. Cassidy wasn't coming, I had told her to wait only one minute."Oh, oh...Yeah!" Kent bellowed. He was filling my wife with his semen again. Come jetting into her pussy always triggers an orgasm in her.But we never talked about the UNC scandal. I felt a little bad at even making the bet, knowing that the evidence on the news seemed so strong and Cassidy was blinded by her loyalty to her school. I decided not to mention our bet or try to redeem the prize we had agreed upon."Sure," I said. "But I really doubt your parents would—""Really! What do you mean?" Kelly asked."Just needed to check some e-mails," I responded, the smile never leaving my face.
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   Melissa and I got into our room and she closed the door behind us, “Tonight is about you and me! No one else, just the two of us!” she said locking the door. We made our way to the bed and Melissa said she wanted to keep the lights on… we fell into each other’s arms and began to kiss passionately. After a few moments of kissing and feeling each other through our clothes, I began to remove Melissa’s blouse revealing a sexy lacy bra and when she lowered her pants she had a matching pair of lace thong panties. My cock instantly showed its approval going full erect. Seeing the bulge in my pants, Melissa opened my pants and lowered them to the floor giving her full access to me. Unlike the night before, Melissa opted to make love to my member versus the oral assault she bestowed on it the night before. Her tenderness began with her giving the slightest lick and kiss to the tip of my head, that tender touch sent shivers up my spine…. She sexily closed her eyes and began to slowly take my cock into her mouth inch-by-inch. Once she got my entire cock into her mouth, she opened her eyes to see my level of pleasure. I let her orally pleasure me for a few moments when I pulled her up to me so we could resume our kissing."Me?" I asked.About a month after Chris’ birthday party, Melissa and Chris invited us to spend the day with them on a sailboat that they were part-owner in, similar to a timeshare but with this really nice sailboat instead of a hotel. The day to go sailing with Chris and Melissa arrived and as we prepared to leave, I saw the very short jeans shorts that Lynn was going to wear. These things were so tiny, they barely covered her ass and when she bent over, it provided a really nice view of her ass and pussy. Over the top of her shorts I could see that she was wearing what appeared to be a thong or G-string bikini… funny, I didn’t recall her ever owning one?!?! Oh well, I liked how it looked! Lynn wore a matching triangle string bikini top that the outline of the top could be easily made out through the thin white cotton tank-top she wore. Where did or when she got these new super sexy “boat clothes” was a mystery to me but I definitely wasn’t complaining. I had our cooler full of our favorite non and alcoholic drinks as well as some of the food supplies that we’d be enjoying on the water that afternoon.It knows what it wants, he thought numbly. He imagined kneeling down in the archway and begging her to... no, he couldn't think these things..."Well," Kelly began, sitting up cross-legged in front of him, "some guys are bigger and some are more tender and some are faster.""Oh, yes!" she moaned, and by the way she started thrusting her hips, I knew Doug had slipped a couple of fingers inside her.After another moment, a strange mewling sound escaped the redhead."Oh...oh!" Jenna kept moaning as her hips moved up and down into my busy fingers.

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Ia squirmed as the sucking at her breasts became slightly more intense. "P-please," she whimpered. She was near tears again.I started sucking it in time with my pumping fingers and speaking of fingers, I cried out when Doug roughly shoved two of them into my sopping pussy. He followed that by sucking my clit so hard into his mouth I moaned in discomfort. That feeling quickly gave way to pure pleasure as I got used to it and I began to rock back and forth into his face, as my tongue worked its magic across Jenna's hard clit."Oh, John, your cock is so gorgeous," she said, "and you're so horny. Are you going to masturbate when we get home?"Kent and I exchanged grins again. The dishes where done enough, and the drinks ready. We were naked, and still sporting decent erections. Hot, horny women awaited us beyond the door. I had one more question; "So, are we all up to the same room, full swap thing, or what?" I asked him."I am so excited thinking about tonight that I can't stand it," Kelly said, massaging his rapidly growing erection. "You've got to fuck me right now before we leave for school."I heard footsteps cross the floor towards the sound of Anne's voice.
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   "Gee, Mr. Henderson," Kelly said. "John said you thought I was pretty and that you wanted to have sex with me. He told me you'd give me lots of money if I agreed to do that.""Oh, you were serious," she responded, standing there in my bedroom, fully dressed, while her fingers softly milked my manhood.While my mind was still trying to digest what Cassidy was nonchalantly saying, she continued. "But I'm just a girl, and I know how boys are. So if we agree to this, I'm going to need you to help me two times for every one time I help you. I mean, it's not like I'm going to be, like, super strict and carefully counting or keeping records. But I, like, know how boys can be, and... I just want it to be fair for me too. So it's got to be about two times for me every one time for you.""Jenna will be fine. She has our numbers if anything is wrong." Doug gave me a playful push. "Now go get her, hot stuff!"And she most definitely.The next morning, I headed off to work, kissed my beautiful wife and I could still smell the musky smell of the amazing sex we had the night before. I knew Lynn would be waking an hour or so later and make her way to the gym where she’d undoubtedly run into Melissa. The question I had was would she share with her what we had done the night before. Throughout the day, I had a very hard time focusing on my work as I was still recalling the escapade that had occurred last night. Around lunch, I decided that if I wasn’t going to be able to concentrate on my job, that someone could possibly get hurt so I opted to take some time off and headed home with the thought of going for round two from the previous night. I arrived home looking and noticed that her car wasn’t home, I entered the house and wondered where my wife was. It was a little past noon and she was usually home from the gym by 9:30 or so. As it neared 1:00, I heard Lynn’s car approach the house and she entered the house shocked to see me home. Lynn came in and asked why I was home early and said had she known she probably would have been home earlier. I explained that my mind was till racing from the night before and I opted to come home and surprise her. As it turned out, it was Lynn who had the surprise for me."See, that's why this is going to be great." Without warning, while continuing to talk to me, Cassidy began unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. "Even just doing it with another person is so much hotter. I rather you, like, even just be in the room and talk dirty to me than try to get off alone.""Oh, John, I love sex so much that I can hardly think of anything else. Just thinking about it or talking about it gets me excited," she said, bringing her hands up to cover her tits, squeezing them firmly. "I know you've noticed."

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"Oh, you were serious," she responded, standing there in my bedroom, fully dressed, while her fingers softly milked my manhood."But you must," she purred. "And you know you will eventually. It's what Mistress wants.”I knew something was wrong when he looked down at his plate, poked at his food with his fork, and then slowly looked back up at me. "Listen," he began, "I really wanted to warn you, but Kate told me it was impolite gossip and you didn't need to know."©She could see a glistening drop of pre-cum forming at the tip of his cock as she let one hand slide down her body to plunge into her pussy. She moaned at the feeling of her finger sliding up inside of herself as John increased slightly the pace of his stroking. His breathing was becoming more and more ragged and Kelly knew that soon he would cum."Bimbo!" she squealed. She felt a supreme bliss fill her quieting mind as she said the word. She wanted to feel that again. "Bimbo! I'm your b-b-bimbo sluuuut wh-whore!" Oh, gods, how did this feel so good? How?
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   "Hell no, baby. You just look like their hot older sister!" he told me with a perfectly straight face.They were soft and warm, and I gasped despite myself. They attacked mine by way of an answer, overcoming my mouth with gradual, yet unwavering intensity"Too late." He shrugged. "Maybe tomorrow night."The orgasm was so powerful, I squeezed my eyes shut. But I could feel that Cassidy' mouth never stopped sucking me, her tongue coaxing the cream out of me by lapping at the underside of my shaft as I sent burst after burst of cum flowing into Cassidy's mouth. My toes curled and my legs strained with the pleasure of orgasm as I blew my load between Cassidy's soft lips.Ia felt the paintbrush tickling her belly, and her spirit quailed as a host of unwelcome giggles escaped her. But the paintbrush kept climbing lower. "Please, no," she gasped, giggling. "Heehee! Please! No!""I don't have $1,000.00 so it doesn't matter," he replied evasively.She forced herself to stop, knowing that if she didn't she'd lay there the whole day and play with herself. It was Saturday and she had the whole weekend to look forward to.Brist's eyes rolled up into his head as he came, as he felt his cock pump pulse after pulse of cum into her tight, wet pussy. The pleasure surged through him like a desert flood, blasting away all the dryhumping, all the tickling, all the scrublands and brush of his denial. His whole mind was unable to process it.

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The Bookworm- An Erotic Story"That sounds fine to me, Kelly," he said. "But why don't you sit on one of these bar stools. It will make it much easier. Now, hold your knees up to your chest," he instructed."You're full of shit!" I smiled though. "But you are smooth!" I turned back to look at the crowd and shook my head.Friday night I went out for drinks with my former roommate and we ended up going dancing with his new fiancee and some of her friends to celebrate their recent engagement. Some of the girls out with us were fairly attractive, and it got my libido going to watch them dance and shake their asses against me. I didn't get back to the apartment until almost 2 am."Not once I get hold of you you won't," Kelly said with a laugh, kissing him. "When are you going to talk to Mr. Henderson?" she asked."Sorry, Kim." She turned away.
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   "Well, I—" I tried to come up with something, but she cut me off again, this time with a laugh.Cassidy laughed, a soft, sweet laugh, the smell of booze still floating on her breath. "If I had known you could fuck like that, I would have jumped you sooner.""What the hell are you doing in here?" I asked."Hey babe, who's your sexy friend?""Sorry," I said, taking her hands in mine. "I couldn't resist."We met our wives for brunch and we shared another great afternoon with each other. We headed to the pool deck where we relaxed and enjoyed the warm sun and had a few drinks. As excited as I was for my wife that she was likely going to get her wish of being with Chirs all night, there was still no indication of what would happen with Melissa and me. After several hours relaxing at the pool, the four of us headed up to our room and readied ourselves for dinner. We were all dressed fairly casually and sitting in the living room area of our suite. Lynn looked at me and said that Melissa wanted to ask me something... She made mention that she knew Lynn wanted to spend the whole night with her husband and she was completely open to that.... "Would you be my partner and lover tonight?, she asked. I tried to down play my excitement but I'm not really good at poker. "Of course.... It would be my pleasure, my dear!" Melissa followed that announcement that she had taken the liberty to change the reservation for four to two reservations for two. My wife went over to her lover for the night and Melissa and I held hands as we walked out of our room for dinner and what ever the night would hold."You deserved that," I said with a laugh, once again using toilet paper to help her clean her face. None of my cum had gotten in her eyes this time, though the tops of her full, round breasts were completely covered in my jizz. I was growing to love the look of Cassidy's pale but pinkish skin coated in my white juices. "No more attacking me in the middle of the night, at least without my permission.Could.

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"I want that!" Jenna moaned. "Oh, please fuck me like that! Please Doug? I'll be....oh!""No, I want you to watch," she insisted. "I want to be performing for you."The second I said it, I knew I shouldn't have, but it was too late now and I pressed on. "We'll pay you. We have money. You're probably in school and could use some help and we..." Becca looked as if she were thinking about it and I told her, "Five hundred dollars.""How?" I put my hands up.The word almost sounded more insulting than 'pet', the way she said it."I don't know," John answered. "I guess I could call him tonight."
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   Jenna giggled and entered the room. I followed to see her standing in front of our bed, a huge smile on her face. I immediately went over to her. Moving so quickly she caught me by surprise, Jenna threw her arms around my neck and pressed her lips hard to mine. Unlike the club, this was not a teasing kiss. I groaned as my incredibly eager young neighbor all but attacked my mouth. My arms went around her slim waist, and this time, it was Jenna who moaned in her throat as I returned her kiss with equal fervor.Doug slid his cock from my pussy and I smiled at the wet sucking sound it caused. I crawled up the bed and after giving Jenna a quick kiss so she could taste herself from me, rolled over on my side next to her to watch the show. Doug eased up between her legs and grabbing her ankles lifted them up and spread them wide as he began sliding his big dick up and down her wet pink pussy.That thought got me even hotter, and as I started rocking back and forth into her surprisingly skilled tongue, I leaned over so my face was over her pussy and opened my mouth. Doug quickly withdrew his cock from her, and without hesitating, shoved it into my mouth. I groaned at the taste of Jenna's pussy from my husband's cock and stayed still as he began to fuck my mouth hard and fast. I easily took him all the way down and looked up at him as he used my mouth. He was sweating and breathing hard, but his eyes were locked on the sight of his wife devouring his cock."I think he'll do whatever you want him to do," John replied. "I'll see you later," he said, going off to his first class, a smile on his face because of the great feeling his body now had.Thoughts spun into his head unbidden. He desperately tried to shut them down, but the gooeyness was just seeping into him,pervading his heart with lusty daydreams."How do they feel, baby?" I asked, licking my lips."Well," Kelly began, sitting up cross-legged in front of him, "some guys are bigger and some are more tender and some are faster.""Suck it!" I begged as I felt my orgasm building within me.

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"Yes!" Ia squealed. "Yes!""But you said you didn't want to mess up your clothes," I stated, confused.Ia's eyes widened. She desperately shook her head, lost in giggles from the tickling at her side.I stood there hoping my face wasn't betraying my dismay. This was getting worse by the minute. If Jenna had been watching, then she saw how hot Becca and I had been getting. Her parents were old-fashioned and she had always given me the impression that she was a little sheltered, and my little dance had been pretty blatant. Still, I decided to try to play it off."We...this is our first time here, Jenna. We're—"She looked over at me, and I told her, "Roll over on your knees for me!"
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   "Please, Mistress, don't make me..."The next morning John got up early to do the yard work that was his chore for the weekend. He enjoyed doing this and he worked up a good sweat by the time he stopped and went into the house to join everyone else for breakfast. Kelly gave him a strange look as he sat down, but he just smiled at her, his eyes lingering on her nipples under the thin t-shirt.John saw him shoot his tongue deep insides of her as she came, slurping at the juices that were flowing, drinking her up and finally Kelly stopped trembling with orgasm and Mr. Henderson lapped up all the juices that were there, lifting his head slowly, pussy juice smeared all over his face, a big smile covering it."Jenna?" he replied weakly. "Wow, uh, I wouldn't think this would be your type of place."Beside us, Anne was assisting Jan onto Kurt's big dick. She settled over him with a pleasurable moan. Anja, having satisfied herself that no more semen remained to coax from my softening tool, released me. Exhausted for the moment, I joined my wife by Janet and Kurt. We kissed and cuddled."Becca, please." I caught her arm. "How about you just come over to the bar and sit with us for awhile. We'll talk and see if you feel comfortable. If not, forget it and...""You were watching them, too, weren't you?" I accused."Yeah listen, if you don't want to do it, I totally understand. But like I said, it's HUGE points. HUGE! And I thought, I'm not ugly. What guy wouldn't want to cum in a pretty girl's hair, especially if she was asking for him to, you know? And I don't mean to rush your decision, but we have two hours for this hunt. It's already been 30 minutes since it started, and I need to get back to the bar because there's other stuff we can do for points. So like... I just need to know if you'd be willing to do it."

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