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Ia's eyes widened. She trembled uncontrollably. "Elly," she whined, "please, please no. I'll be yours! I'll fuck you, I'll lick you, but please, don't—"Doug eased his cock down and started to slide it inside her. Jenna was so wet he slid back up along her pussy and her whimper of frustration caused me to smile. Reaching between her legs I grabbed the base of Doug's cock and as we exchanged winks eased him into our hot little friend's pussy.And after a minute or so, and four more of her yowling orgasms, he began to wonder if she could do anything else.Anne giggled."Jesus, Kelly," John exclaimed, staring at her. "What kind of a question is that?"The girls lay with their heads at opposite ends of the rug, which put Kent and me elbow-to-elbow, parallel to each other. Now and then we glanced up from pleasuring each other's wives to flash a satisfied grin, acknowledging our good fortune. Presently, I snaked my left hand up along Janet's supple form to fill my palm with her soft, ample breast. Her nipple was stiff to my touch. Not as large as Anne's were, nevertheless an indicator of her pleasure. Jan was bucking and grinding her hips now. Though she was slower to reach orgasm than Anne, I sensed an earthquake growing within her, as small trembling spasms came closer together. I tried to motion with my head for Kent to play with Anne's nipples, something she dearly loves, but Jan clutched my skull too tightly to do more than move my eyes. Kent's eyes narrowed in confusion, not understanding my meaning. With my free hand, I grabbed his right wrist and moved it towards Anne's lovely, pert tits. In doing so, I turned slightly on my left side, allowing my stiff erection to spring free from beneath me. Anne had been alternately pulling Kent's hair and ears, and caressing my bottom, back and thighs. She had been touching me when I turned, so her hand slipped and made contact with my hard cock.
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Zahtev za unban / Crazy ebony ass ???
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"Yup, you want anything?" I asked. The two strangers kept the smiles on their faces, but I could tell from their eyes that they were weary about my presence."Hey guys, wait a minute!"Jan looked at Anne, and arched her eyebrows inquisitively. Anne ignored her, slightly embarrassed."Oh, it's so big!" she groaned as he eased the entire length inside her.Tiffany had looked incredibly cute with both her front and her rear entrances forming a perfect circle, like the two sides of a holed coin. The opening in her backside, aided by her Godfather wielding his rubber magic wand, was a good deal larger than the one in the front though; since Buford's conjuring had made the pucker disappear from her tight bunghole and magically reappear on her lips: "Oh!" Given the choice of Heads or Tails, the twins had chosen to record both on their cell phones, as they found both her face and her backside great fun to watch.She pulled her cell phone from her purse, picked up the photo, and began dialing. Everyone's attention was eagerly riveted on my wife as she waited for them to answer.
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   Cassidy's soft, warm, slippery mouth closed over the head of my member, her tongue circling teasingly around the head of my cock. Then she plunged down, swallowing more of my long pole than any woman had even attempted before, slid her tongue back up over the underside of my shaft as her head rose, and then plunged back down again, tightly enclosing my meat in her warm, wet cheeks. For the first minute or so, I actually watched the porno blowjob on my computer screen behind Cassidy, my brain tantalized by watching a blowjob while also receiving a blowjob. And Cassidy was very good at sucking my dick. Her tongue swirled my tip and her soft lips sucked over my sensitive skin, and her hot, wet mouth enveloped me.I glanced out the open door towards my wife, who was nonchalantly reading her magazine again. I could hear Kent still chunking wood into the fireplace.Elly giggled like a schoolgirl. "Oh, but knights don't give in to things like this!" Ia cringed. She'd tried repeating her vows to herself earlier. It hadn't helped. Surely Elly wasn't going to... "You said all sortsa things, babe. Really silly things. Stupid things. You hadn't come in a while, I guess!"I woke to the smell of brewing coffee. I'm not a morning person, and unless there is an emergency, I will often doze for 15 to 20 minutes before actually getting out of bed. Besides, once I'm up, I really have to hit the bathroom, and I could hear someone showering in there. I heard shuffling from the next bedroom, then heavy bare footsteps moving past the end of the bed. The lofts were only closed on three sides; there was no wall to the inside of the cabin. There was a walkway with a railing connecting the two bedrooms. Heavy footfalls creaking down the staircase indicated it was Kent. I listened with my eyes closed to the morning light streaming in through the all-glass front of the cabin."C'mon, how many in one night?" Jan pressed the subject."OK, OK! They get the picture!" She interrupted."Yes, I can see you." Said Anne into the phone, waving to the figure that appeared at the window across the road. She listened for another moment, nodding her head."I...I did what I could. " He gave her a tired smile.

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"Yes, they do! Especially in the summer." Jenna laughed, then moaned as I took her clit into my mouth.If I didn't know her age for a fact, I would swear this wasn't an nineteen-year-old I was dealing with. She sure as hell wasn't the Little Miss Innocent Doug and I had envisioned her as. Even though I knew I shouldn't do it, I started to imagine what those perky little tits would look like and how her long legs would look wrapped around Doug's waist.Then, as if the thought had just occurred to her, Cassidy yelled to me, "Hey, I really hope last night wasn't weird. I super appreciate it! My team won the hunt!" And that was all she said about what had happened. She went on for several minutes about how her team had never placed higher than third, and she really loved the fun of the scavenger hunts, and she met a lot of fun people at the party after the hunt."There's no need to worry," the boy reassured her, "not if you have a large wooden spoon." To his surprise, the girl got up and walked out of the room. The boy followed her to the door and watched as she headed towards the kitchen. She returned a minute later with a 15-inch wooden spoon."Um, maybe a soda, Mr. Henderson," Kelly replied meekly, suddenly acting shy and nervous.He whined and giggled as the redhead tickled beneath his arm.
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   "Kent, Darling. Would you get Anja a glass of wine, please?" Jan called over to him."Thank you, I really mean it," Cassidy said as the afterglow of orgasm wrapped warmly around me. "That was really hot getting to watch your face as you came. And I hope you don't mind me saying it, but you have a nice, big dick. It's impressive." She was already getting to her feet. "Sorry if this was weird, but I have to run back to the bar for the hunt. I'll see you later, thanks again!""My idea!" he said, groaning as he felt Kelly's face press against his belly as his cock slid down her throat."Well, they're a little higher than we are. I suppose so."Janet smiled slyly, and then seductively slid out of her chair to the floor beneath the table. Kent made a big production as his wife's head obviously came into contact with his lap. He pushed his chair back from the table, a supremely satisfied smile on his face. I could see the top of her head bobbing gently, as if she was actually giving him head. Curious, I leaned over to look. Sure enough, Jan really had his cock out of his underwear and in her mouth. Anne glanced across at me and shrugged, as if to say, "Whatever happens, happens." Janet sucked her husband's cock while under the table for maybe a minute, and with a loud slurp, stopped. Kent immediately complained she wasn't through, but Janet promised, "I'll finish you off later, for dessert"."Umm...yeah. He's cute, really in shape."In the meantime, Tiffany almost wished her nipples didn't hurt so much; but, since she thought that having pain-wracked paps was her just reward for having killed those poor wasps, she felt she really had no cause for complaint. If anything, Tiffany felt she deserved to do even more penance for her misdeeds."Look, I didn't get any from Jimmy tonight, so you'd better let me make myself happy with you," she said, firming her grip on his cock, causing it to twitch to a new level of hardness.

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Right now, I felt like a kid in a candy store! Not only was the club packed with our chosen prey, but what a selection! Every type of pretty young lady was on display before me; not only blondes, brunettes, and redheads, but also some slender, some with a little curve to them. Many of the girls were chesty and flaunting their large, soft breasts, while some had perky little tits that were equally well-displayed in their tight tops and dresses."Night, mom," Kelly said. "I'm pretty tired so I think I'll go to bed."Ia shook, both in mind and body, the last vestiges of free thought trying in vain to assert themselves against a windstorm that could rip whole oaks from the soil. "B-but... honey addict, Mistress..." Her voice was pathetically small. Questioning, even—like she was begging to be proven wrong. “She's a h-honey addict...”I turned around to see a good-looking young man with dark hair and a pair of beautiful hazel eyes looking at me.Ia couldn't help it. She moaned. "Yeah," she whimpered, despite knowing how bad it would screw her. And not literally. She couldn't help herself anymore. “Feels good, feels so good...”"Right now," Kelly panted, frantically working at his zipper and reaching in for his cock. As soon as she had him exposed she turned and bent over, her hands flat on the floor.
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   And just like that, Ia's world melted away. Emptiness filled her formerly full cunt. The fairies started teasing her again on her feet and breasts."Yup, you want anything?" I asked. The two strangers kept the smiles on their faces, but I could tell from their eyes that they were weary about my presence.----------And she shoved the runerod in. “Time for Lesson Two.”I couldn’t hear if the moans that flooded the room were, again, hers or mine, but I nevertheless knew it to be true. Her hips joined in the game, and when I felt she was ready, I searched her lips in a desperate attempt to hide my gasps. We kissed with eagerness and vehemence, and as soon as her body began to tremble over mine, I felt that every muscle in my body clenched and fighting against itself, waiting… to explode together in a burst.Ruth had been working at the Clarin bookstore for three years. She was almost always behind the counter, ringing up customers, searching the database, or jotting down charges. However, during the summer, her boss relegated her to the storeroom; there were lots of textbook orders and they had to be ready before September.Janet persisted. "How many?"Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for - and a history of - writing about sex, sexuality and all that it entails. She spends her time running, reading, writing and socialising. Katy has a cat named Feargal, she loves coffee and hates writing bios.

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"I think there's a good chance," he answered.Next"No, thanks though. My internet is working fine," I replied with a smile, hoping that would settle it and I could get back to finishing what I had started."That's just fine," Mr. Henderson said, taking his cock in his hand and rubbing it between Kelly's pussy lips.When Cassidy went for drinks at one point late in the evening, two guys at the bar sidled up to either side of her and started chatting her up. Whatever they said worked like a charm, and Cassidy was soon laughing and patting the taller of the two guys on the arm. The twinkle was back in her blue eyes, and she looked like she was soaking up the attention."I won't, mom," Kelly assured her. "I promise."
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   I thrust my cock up between Cassidy's soft melons. I LOVE tit fucking. It felt so soft and so firm at the same time, Cassidy's smooth, young tit flesh tightly enclosing my shaft as it slid up and down between her wet melons. As I thrust back and forth into her tunnel of tit flesh, I was also amazed that Cassidy would let me do this. She had to squat in the shower, with spray from the shower water running over her face, but she smiled up at me with her big, blue eyes as I pushed my cock in and out from between the tight tunnel of her breasts."I hope so," Cassidy responded with a giggle. It was good to hear her still making light and joking about all of this."Mmf!" he cried, trying to warn them.Anne stood with hands on her hips and feet apart, fully nude before him. Her shaved pussy, bare save for a perfectly trimmed "welcome mat", was displayed for his viewing enjoyment."Well, do you?" she persisted."What about your panties?" John asked, walking his bicycle out the garage with Kelly."Basically, yeah. Most guys aren't as thick as Lee." She looked at me."Fuckmefuckmefuckme—"

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"Oh fuck, that's deep!" she called out.The next morning Kelly again came to John's room and fucked him silly before their parents got up for breakfast."OK, OK! They get the picture!" She interrupted.Jenna's long slender body was nothing short of perfect. Her perky tits were small, but well shaped with delicious looking pink nipples. Those nipples looked as hard as mine felt and each one turned up slightly. Forcing my eyes down, I took in her smooth flat stomach along with the silver barbell pierced through her navel. My eyes then locked onto her smooth, pink pussy peering out at me from between her thighs. Jenna still had her arms over her head showing off and tossing her dress to the side; Doug reached around her and cupping her small tits in his large hands, gave them a squeeze.She was laughing delightedly as she grabbed the mug and sank down atop him. Her pussy walls contracted. His whole cock was tingling and throbbing enough to drive him mad. He stared up at her as she grabbed the back of his head and tipped it back, her eyes gleaming with pure lust now. The blonde fey straddled him and moved the mug to his lips, eager to pour more mead into his mouth.Or at least, she was, before the door was opened and her boss entered carrying a large box containing the fan that she had asked for.
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"Yes, you were great," I admitted. "You can't just hop in the shower with me. We need some boundaries."Check AlsoKent looked thoughtfully at me for a moment, and shook his head. "Not with you, it doesn't.""I'm going to cum," he said. "You'd better move if you don't want..."Anne turned to the rest of us. "They're going to grab a quick shower and come over. Is that OK with everyone?" Then to me she said "She has an accent, German I think.""Forget Jenna!" Doug snapped. "That girl looks like she's leaving!"
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   As I rolled onto my back, Cassidy's hand closed around the base of my cock and pulled my manhood out through the front of my boxers. "You said no sex," I reminded her, still trying to wake my muddled mind. I felt one of her full breasts resting against my chest and asked, "Are you naked?!"His head spun. He felt himself sagging against the doorway. He imagined pleading for a sip of whatever it was she was making. She would turn around and giggle at him, offering him a spoonful, maybe even letting him lick the bowl, and maybe after he gave in she'd be kind enough to...To the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic StoryTo the Rhythm of the Music – An Erotic StoryI watched the back of her long, well-shaped legs for a moment before raising my gaze higher and letting out a low whistle at how good her ass looked in the skintight skirt. "Goddamn," I whispered."Oh, Kent", she said in her husky Marilyn Monroe voice. "You're a naughty boy. You'll have to be punished later".Doug rolled over slipping his arm around her to place his hand over mine. I placed mine over hers. Jenna sighed contentedly in my ear. "This is going to be the best summer ever!"Cassidy hesitated just a second before saying, "Okay."John followed, a smile on his face and his cock getting hard again in his pants as he watched her.

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"I'm gonna do it," the catgirl hissed, as the suckling at Ia's breasts grew stronger, as the tickling of her feet grew more intense. Ia couldn't stop laughing. "Gonna do it over and over again, and I'm gonna come like crazy watching it. 'Cause you don't wanna be a bimbo. 'Cause you wanna stay free. And you know what?"We may have eventually gotten bored of deal... maybe... if not for a couple of events that escalated our situation. Both were Cassidy's fault, of course. The first erupted over a scandal at the University of North Carolina, of all places. Cassidy had graduated from UNC, as had most of her family. She had grown up cheering for the school. So when news of a scandal broke, and the university was charged with allowing hundreds of athletes to take a fake class in order to inflate their grades, Cassidy insisted it couldn't be true.They pulled up to the Adams' house and parked their bicycles, knocking on the door. It was answered by"I bet they'll do just fine," Jenna said from next to me."Umm...yeah. He's cute, really in shape.""Faster, please." She begged.
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   "I don't know what you think you know, but I—you're wrong." Turning, I walked quickly off the dance floor and over to Doug.Anne is tall and thin. She is smaller busted and smaller hipped than most women, but still has the perfect curves for her frame. Anne is often described as "Legs up to her neck", much like Julia Roberts. My wife is beautiful as well, with long, full-bodied auburn hair and pretty hazel eyes. A dazzling smile and youthful personality combine to make most people believe her to be twenty-five rather than forty."I think you're probably worth as much money as someone can afford, as long as it's a lot," John said as he scrambled up the embankment."Swiss, actually. Or at least we were. We moved to Seattle in 1980." He said."Why, you're clean aren't you?" she asked.And after a minute or so, and four more of her yowling orgasms, he began to wonder if she could do anything else."I like bacon, but I much prefer sausage." Jan said, staring meaningfully at my own meat. I was partially deflated, but still formidably large."Oh, Jeez." I muttered, trying to remember. "About twenty, twenty-one, I guess."

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"Please, Mistress, don't make me...""Well, I want to fuck her in the ass and pretend that it's your father," he said. "You have any problem with that?""Sister, what's got into you?" The brunette rolled her eyes. "Get a grip!""Are these guys big, or average?" Janet asked.Position Difficulty:  2/5 Pros: We are willing to bet that most of you looking at this sex position are thinking, ‘What is this and, more importantly, why?!’ At ..."OHHHHH FUCKKK!!" Cassidy screamed, and then her hips squeezed hard against the sides of my body. I never stopped plowing my hard meat in and out of her hole, my pelvis slamming against hers as I buried myself to the root, while the juices of her orgasm began dripping out of her sex and running down my pole. Her body shook and she closed her eyes as she came hard atop me, riding my stabbing cock into a deep orgasm.
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"Can I come with you today?" John asked.We entered the home and Chris met us at the door and gave me a “man-hug” and kissed Lynn on her cheek and welcomed us to their home. Now we’ve spent some time before with Chris and Melissa so seeing them in a social setting was nothing new. Chris made us feel welcome and soon after we entered their home, Melissa entered the room and she looked absolutely luscious and sexy as hell! She came over to greet Lynn and I and as she approached, I saw that the dress that Lynn and Melissa wore were almost identical except that Lynn’s dress was black and Melissa’s dress white. Damn Melissa looked hot! Her white dress fit her snugly and she was rocking a pair of red “fuck me” pumps that highlighted her stunning legs. She met Lynn and I and she planted a welcoming kiss on my cheek and she hugged my wife. The two ladies commented on how similar their dresses were and how they were somewhat embarrassed that they were so similar. Chris and I told our wives that they both looked great and that they had nothing to worry about. The two ladies left Chris and I as they went to get drinks and Chris and I both paid each other high compliments for how the other guy’s wife looked! Throughout the evening, I caught Chris starring at my Lynn and I’m sure with all of the gawking I was doing at Melissa, that Chris caught me a time or two.Jan chided her, "Yes, you have too." Janet teased.Kurt, Anne and Jan all watched Anja eating Jan's pussy, as Kent filled Anja from behind. Kurt spoke to my wife."You could escape, you know," the brunette whispered, for what had to be the hundredth horrid time. "Could tackle us. Could stroke yourself. Could fuck me!""Hmm, good catch." I winked, then pointing his cock at Jenna, said, "You want some, honey"
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   Maybe I'll hang with John today, tease him a little bit, and find out what he's been up to, she thought, reaching for a cut-off t-shirt and pulling it over her head. It barely came down enough to cover her tits, and her nipples pressed out against the material, making it very obvious that she had no bra on. She then reached for a pair of cut-offs, slipping into them without any underwear. She loved the feeling of the thick seam rubbing her clit as she moved her legs. She knew if she wasn't careful she'd wet the entire crotch.The 10-Year Reunion – An Erotic StoryThe 10-Year Reunion – An Erotic StoryI angled my head just enough so that I could see the mirror while still probing Jenna's sweet snatch and watched her take his cock back into her mouth. This time she slowly bobbing her head and I started rubbing my clit harder when I saw her looking up at Doug with those big blue eyes as she blew him. I eased my tongue from inside her and took my time sliding it down through the soft folds of her pussy, heading for her clit. Jenna whimpered around Doug's cock and her hips twitches as I stopped and ran my tongue teasingly across the skin just below her swollen pink nub."Jenna?" he replied weakly. "Wow, uh, I wouldn't think this would be your type of place."Anne cut in, "No, but Lee tries to." She grinned at me, and I playfully pinched at her nipple."Hi, John, how are you?"All the Right Moves: The Best Sex Positions for People with Mobility IssuesAnja sucked Kurt for several minutes. When she stopped and went back to Kent, Kurt did not appear any noticeably harder.

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"God, this place is a mess!" She began gathering armloads of clothing. Kent and I quickly pitched in, grabbing our recent purchases and carting them upstairs. I placed my load in a corner of the room, arranging them so nothing could get broken, should any activity occur in the room later. Kent went by, heading back downstairs. He carried one of their purchases from the negligee store, something sheer and white. Thinking that an excellent idea, I dug out one of Anne's dainty outfits. I ran with them downstairs to the bathroom and met Anne coming out of the shower. I laid out next to the sink her high-heeled CFMP's (Come Fuck Me Pumps), a pair of sheer, black thigh-high stockings, and a sexy black thong we'd picked up earlier today. She looked at them and nodded her approval to me. We kissed as I slipped past her and jumped in the shower. I turned the water on, lathered up everywhere, rinsed, and was out drying myself with Anne's towel while she was still brushing her long, beautiful hair. Anne "dressed" in front of me. She knows how much I love to watch her seductively put clothing on or off. This was certainly no exception. I sat on the edge of the tub and she climbed up on the sink. She lifted one leg, toes pointed daintily at me, and rolled on one stocking. She repeated the process with the other leg. Anne stepped of the counter and slid on each of her shoes. My gorgeous wife towered over me by an inch or two in those heels. Lastly, she held her thong out to me. I took it and held the tiny strings apart for her as she gracefully stepped into it. As a final touch, I fasten first her gold waistlet, then her thin anklet. I rose slowly, kissing my way up her body until our lips met."That's the idea," Kelly gasped, grinding her pussy onto his cock. "Just give me some warning."Then John groaned and Kelly knew she was about to get her reward. His balls spasmed and his cock swelled even harder before he erupted, cum shooting into Kelly's mouth and she sucked on his cock. He came and came and came, Kelly's tongue driving him wild as she licked at his cock while swallowing all his cum he had to give. Finally there was no more and John stepped back, moving his cock out of range of Kelly's relentless mouth and he dropped to the ground beside her.Kent was munching on one of the candies, examining one of the champagne bottles in his hand.He shrank beneath her stare. That was a stare of pure hunger."So that's your secret." I said.
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   "Listen, I'm flattered but—""Mmm, fourteen since we started." I suddenly remembered.I had to think of mundane things to keep from coming right then."Oh!" She smiled and to my delight blushed. "You really think so?"When Cassidy went for drinks at one point late in the evening, two guys at the bar sidled up to either side of her and started chatting her up. Whatever they said worked like a charm, and Cassidy was soon laughing and patting the taller of the two guys on the arm. The twinkle was back in her blue eyes, and she looked like she was soaking up the attention.Elly's eyes glittered in delight. "Then you'll help me capture and brainwash your friends?"Taking his hard peter in his hand, he rubbed the head of it between Kelly's thick pussy lips, feeling it get instantly coated in her slick juices. Raising it up a bit, he pressed it against the opening to her pussy and very slowly pressed forward, watching intently as inch after inch disappeared inside of her. Then he started rocking his hips back and forth, sliding the entire length of his cock in and out of his sister's pussy while she remained bent over in the garage."M-Mistress—" The paintbrush tickled Ia's lips again, and she had to bite her lip hard to keep from being consumed in laughter. "I'll l-love you!" she squealed. "Just please don't... don't..."

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Tiffany groaned. Buford really did like to drive a hard bargain. Still, his requests sounded eminently reasonable, and Tiffany could not think of a good reason to turn them down. She nodded her assent."Sweetheart, you're the Outtie for my Innie." She often tells me that.Anne giggled."But why?" John asked, his eyes searching her face.She forced herself to stop, knowing that if she didn't she'd lay there the whole day and play with herself. It was Saturday and she had the whole weekend to look forward to."That's unfair," Tom protested. "You have no chance."
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   "I understand," I responded, and quickly decided to take her up on her offer. "Let me... go to my room an I'll call you when I'm ready."Doug had worked as a personal trainer since just out of college and led by example. His shoulders were broad and his arms and chest were a testament to a lifetime of working out as was his still perfect thirty two waist. Slipping my arm around that waist, I sighed. "So, you really have no idea how to do this?"John put his hands out to stop her but she just kept coming at him, not even stopping when his hands filled with her naked tits as she grabbed at the waist of his shorts.Even as she masturbated, the catgirl sensuously drew the paintbrush across Ia's pussy lips in several long strokes, then returned to spiraling around the clit. Ia's mind was in torturous fireworks.The note was signed "Kurt & Anja". There was a second page, a picture, actually. It was of a very attractive, very blonde couple. They were well dressed and smiling pleasantly at the camera. Handwritten at the bottom was a phone number, and the message "If you like what you see, and would like more company, please call.""No, that's her husband, Kent." She turned and pointed her outstretched arm at him. She swung around and waved towards Jan and me. "That's my husband, Lee, and that's Janet, Kent's wife, sitting on him."I know you guys were here to pick someone up.""Oh, no! You were fine. I just need a moment to fit you in." She answered.

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"What is it?" the brunette asked, seeming genuinely perplexed."I think you should," Kelly told him.Kent threw his hands up defensively. "No, not that, though I am very confident...""Fuckmefuckmefuckme—""What did you tell your parents about where you were going?" Tom asked as he handed them each a soda."Yes!" she shouted triumphantly, a bright smile immediately lighting up her pretty face. She actually began bouncing on her toes in excitement. "I mean, I knew you would do it, and this is a lot of points... we can do this however you want, I just need you to make sure to cum in my hair. We talked about it before I left the bar, my team, and you could cum in a condom and just put it in my hair. But the scavenger hunt list says the guy has to cum IN your hair, so just to be safe it would be better if you could actually, you know, do it in my hair"
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   I turned away and as I headed for the bathroom made sure I put some extra swing in my hips. I could just imagine him watching my ass the same way I had stared at the young girls and felt my nipples stiffen once more. As I closed in on the bathroom, I looked around and noticed more than a few of the young men around me turning to look and began smiling and nodding at them. Damn, we would have to do this again. Maybe next time it would be a young man we would bring home."Hi there, you two," they heard their mother say as they pulled into the garage.Chris launched the boat and out to open waters we headed. The day was fairly calm and the winds gently filled the sails giving us just enough push to move the boat without it being too much motion. Chris sailed us around to a secluded area along the shoreline where we were able to drop anchor with no other boats in our vicinity. The hour or so that it took us to sail was filled with casual conversation and a few drinks. When we got to the area where we dropped anchor, the guys prepped the grill and the ladies went below deck to prepare the remainder of our lunch. The grill was lit and before long Chris and I began grilling. About twenty minutes after the ladies went below to the galley, they returned with a fresh round of drinks and the rest of lunch. Melissa and Lynn had stripped down to only their bikinis and Chris and I were stunned by the look of our wives. Lynn had never worn a bikini that was so revealing before and she looked amazing and oh so sexy… Melissa likewise was rocking her very tiny G-string bikini. Chris and I looked at each other and gave ourselves a high-five for being so lucky to be married to two stunningly beautiful and sexy women. We spent the next hour or so finishing off the grilling duties and enjoying lunch."So who would you market me to?" Kelly asked, excited that she was having this discussion with her brother.He looked over at his wife getting fucked hard. "Does it?""Oh, Baby, you don't know how bad I can be!" he replied, laughing."Get dressed now," John said, leaning back, pussy juice smeared across his mouth. "We need to get going and you sure taste great Kelly."Cassidy paused, the smile faltering for just a second, before she replied. "Well go ahead then, cum on my face. Cum for me."

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I turned around to see a good-looking young man with dark hair and a pair of beautiful hazel eyes looking at me."Whatever you want, because you know I'm right," Cassidy offered, her lower lip stuck out like an indignant child.Anne disentangled from Anja, and sprawled on the fur near Kent. I was still lying between Anja's spread thighs, hiding my waiting erection beneath me.I followed the line of his finger and my eyes widened at the sight of a tall slender redhead. She was wearing a red sleeveless shirt that looked as if it could barely contain her breasts.About a year ago, Lynn met a woman named Melissa through the gym where the two ladies worked out at. At first, they two were just gym pals and after about a month or so, Lynn began meeting Melissa outside of the gym for girl time that included lunches and soon, Lynn and I were being asked to join Melissa and her husband Chris for a dinner celebrating Chris’ birthday at their home a few miles away from whaler we lived This friendship between Lynn and Melissa began as a chance meeting at the gym and became a friendship where the ladies began to share a more personal and intimate friendship which would later evolve into far more.The paintbrush touched her clit.
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   He stared at her, needy, weak, desperate."Sorry, Kim." She turned away."At night after I shower, I lay naked on my bed and get out my vibrator and watch porn on my laptop.""Just hear me out for a second," she began, leaving her food and walking into the living room, "and like I said, no pressure if you think it's crazy."He realized his mistake when she smiled. Then she leaned in and grabbed him in a kiss like no other."Tom Henderson, his golf partner," John said, gasping when he felt his cock enveloped again in warm moistness, but knowing that it was his sister's pussy that his cock was now sliding into."It can feel so much nicer. You're breathing it in right now." She giggled. "Can't you feel it filling you up like a balloon? Your cock's getting soooo hard. I can feel it." She purred the word.----------

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"Oh, John, I can't believe how much fun that was," Kelly said as soon as the elevator doors closed. "And with you right there watching I thought I would just die with pleasure.""Well, hey how can I say no to a sweet request like that?""Fuck, that's hot," Doug said in between deep breaths."I've been so horny all day and all I can do is think of fucking and what we will do tonight. It's like a virus or something, or drug addiction I guess and I can't wait to fuck you when we get home.""Where do you want to cum?" she asked, her bright smile never wavering. "Tell me.""Oh, I've listened to dad explain his deals and rationalizing things all my life," John replied. "And I figure I'm going to be a stockbroker like him one day, only I'll make more money than he has."
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   I jerked him off furiously, watching his cum paint our nasty neighbors amazing body. It splattered all over her stomach and tits and when Doug whimpered softly and grabbed my wrist so I would stop. I leaned over and began slurping it up. Jenna moaned as I looked her in the eye while making a show of sucking every drop from her young flesh. When I was finished, I showed her my mouthful and my eyes widened as she opened her mouth and wagged her tongue at me.His face brightened.Kent rolled off Anne, exhausted, onto his back in the plush fur. Anne and Anja lay in each other's embrace. The four of us rested a bit, watching Kurt bring Janet to another orgasm. I had heard her coming earlier, too, when Kurt was fucking her."But I thought you were absolutely certain that there was no way you would lose to me in a year," John said. "Have you changed your mind?"Doug withdrew from me again and Jenna squealed as he pounded into her. I could hear him breathing even louder, each of his thrusts ending with a small moan. I knew he was close. Sitting up, I said, "Roll her over. I want to see her on her back again.""And you're soooo glad we found you," the brunette cooed, and he felt her fingers dance over his cock. He trembled, but as soon as they had arrived, they vanished again.And he didn't even have a clue, she thought, shaking her head in amazement. He could be getting more pussy than anyone she knew if he'd just try. She knew that he noticed girls; she had seen the looks she had gotten when she some-times wore a tight t-shirt without a bra around the house. She was sure she had seen him with a lump in his pants on more than one occasion because of that."Is that why you wanted me then?" she asked.

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